Obama finds his long lost brain..come to his senses..Bush Tax Cuts might stay

A possible compromise on extending the Bush tax cuts for all. Obama is willing to consider a compromise for an extension of the full roster of tax cuts, even for families earning more than $250,000 a year.
Obama wants the issue dealt with before Jan. 1 so that taxpayers will avoid seeing more money withheld from their paychecks or being hit by the higher alternative minimum tax. This would produce an average $3,700 higher tax bill come April for some 30 million families.
“I think what the president believes is that we have both houses coming back and that this is an issue that must and has to be dealt with in that session,” Gibbs said.
Any signal that the president may be backing off his pledge to raise taxes on small businesses is a good sign.
We can only hope that they’ll come together … and agree to extend the current tax policy for everyone.”
Failing to extend the Bush-era tax cuts wouldn’t affect next year’s filing season but employers would have to withhold more money from paychecks.